High School Cohort Graduation Rate

High School Cohort Graduation Rate

What does this measure?

The number of students graduating after four years of high school, expressed as a percentage of their cohort. A cohort is a class of ninth-graders beginning high school in the same academic year.

Why is this important?

High school graduation is the culmination of a successful K-12 education and the gateway to college or employment. Students who do not graduate face the prospect of unemployment or low-paying jobs.

How is our county performing?

About 86% of the 2018 high school cohort in Berks County graduated on time, up 2 percentage points since 2011. This graduation rate was similar to Pennsylvania, which had a 3 percentage point increase during this period.

Some of the lowest 2018 graduation rates were in districts with high rates of students who were eligible for free or reduced-price lunch, a measure of students' socioeconomic status. These included Reading, with a graduation rate of 67%, and Antietam, 87%. The highest graduation rates were in districts where between a quarter and one-third of students were eligible for free or reduced-price lunch. These included Wyomissing, with a graduation rate of 99%, Oley Valley (98%) and Kutztown and Wilson, both at 97%.

Berks County's 2018 graduation rate was similar to Lebanon and Lehigh County, higher than Chester (84%) and lower than Schuylkill and Lancaster (both 88%) and Montgomery (92%). Chester's graduation rate dropped 2 percentage points since 2011. Schuylkill increased 3 points during the same period.

Notes about the data

Students are included in the cohort based on the year they entered Grade 9. Students are transferred in or out of cohorts if they transfer schools. Students who earn a GED or Certificate of Attainment are not counted as graduates.

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High School Cohort Graduation Rate
Berks County84%83%85%84%84%87%86%86%
Berks County Regions
Reading city
Berks County Peers
Chester County86%84%81%84%79%80%83%84%
Lancaster County88%89%90%89%90%91%91%88%
Lebanon County87%86%85%88%86%86%85%85%
Lehigh County84%82%83%85%84%83%87%87%
Montgomery County93%92%93%93%94%94%93%92%
Schuylkill County85%85%88%87%88%89%90%88%
School Districts
Antietam School District90%78%87%92%90%85%90%87%
Boyertown Area School District92%93%92%91%90%93%95%94%
Brandywine Heights Area School District90%89%93%87%93%92%94%94%
Conrad Weiser Area School District87%92%87%85%90%96%93%93%
Daniel Boone Area School District89%89%88%84%90%90%88%92%
Exeter Township School District92%95%94%90%90%92%93%90%
Fleetwood Area School District96%92%93%95%88%96%97%96%
Governor Mifflin School District90%88%90%89%91%91%90%89%
Hamburg Area School District85%89%89%84%88%89%89%92%
Kutztown Area School District95%88%93%91%90%93%94%97%
Muhlenberg School District84%92%91%91%93%93%93%92%
Oley Valley School District91%91%89%86%96%92%94%98%
Reading School District61%61%67%71%62%70%67%67%
Schuylkill Valley School District98%97%90%96%97%95%93%91%
Tulpehocken Area School District95%92%98%93%91%88%88%92%
Twin Valley School District91%80%89%90%93%91%92%89%
Wilson School District93%91%89%91%91%96%90%97%
Wyomissing Area School District93%97%97%96%94%97%98%99%

Source: Pennsylvania Department of Education

Number of High School Graduates
Berks County4,6354,5334,5344,4494,2844,4224,4874,663
Berks County Regions
Reading city
Berks County Peers
Chester County6,2386,3586,7326,8806,7536,4406,5566,803
Lancaster County4,8244,8614,7314,7294,5754,6984,7384,909
Lebanon County1,2701,2221,2761,1871,2131,2501,2091,241
Lehigh County3,5563,3993,3483,3813,2183,4203,5653,655
Montgomery County7,6487,9087,8977,7017,6557,7057,7847,829
Schuylkill County1,3761,3071,3351,2651,2371,2271,1781,263
School Districts
Antietam School District7276605766556178
Boyertown Area School District529526523541469486533520
Brandywine Heights Area School District150138139127103145116104
Conrad Weiser Area School District212233200185196215192223
Daniel Boone Area School District275266244243270252271285
Exeter Township School District315316302305319323311318
Fleetwood Area School District180193186195172216198189
Governor Mifflin School District355286330256280277271309
Hamburg Area School District174183181167152154158165
Kutztown Area School District14411112912510499102108
Muhlenberg School District265284247244261279302253
Oley Valley School District149150127120164115123140
Reading School District737716723765642700702743
Schuylkill Valley School District178145151149147144142143
Tulpehocken Area School District134129114113779196103
Twin Valley School District212203253239202215244263
Wilson School District165141147157156153149167
Wyomissing Area School District115155157134144138160166

Source: Pennsylvania Department of Education